Anew, 2017

I’ve blogged on and off for many years. There was a time I would pad my years of experience but it is long gone; 19 years ago I came away from a job interview and played D-note Devotion at the maximum volume that my old Honda speakers could muster.

I am “self taught” – what that really means is that I built by intuition, read a lot of books, and did a lot of undirected experiments, learning more through failure than accolades. At that time my work was based in the Microsoft stack of technology. I graduated from basic web development to Visual Basic, then to Java, and spent the bulk of my professional life programming the .NET Framework. Three years ago I started working with Android and it has been my home since.

Beyond my professional life there are many other interests. I read like a hyena, scavenging through lots of material with what I hope is a vicious bite. I like games of strategy and skill, especially chess. I am a husband and father of two young boys.

My intent here is to rebuild that notion of an online presence. I will post on a variety of topics with the hope of finding a groove. I will not preempt myself by attempting to limit my scope early on. My first, and probably most “successful” (measured by the satisfaction I got writing) blog was all over the place. This is my attempt to rekindle that mess.


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